Healing Sole Massage

Are you ready to redefine what massage means to you? Would you like to experience a form of bodywork that fuses several different techniques to create the ultimate in health maintenance and body awareness? Then I invite you to experience what Ashiatsu and assisted Thai Yoga massage have to offer.

Ashiatsu is an adaptation of several different ancient barefoot massage techniques that use the broad surface of the foot to deliver a very deep yet relaxing massage. Thai yoga massage combines the ancient wisdom of unblocking the energy lines as well as stretching and releasing tension within the body.

Whether you’re an athlete, devoted yogi, desk worker or all of the above, the treatments you will receive at Healing Sole Massage are for everyone and every session is specifically tailored for you and what your body needs. The benefits range from increased circulation and flexibility to decreased stress, pain and tension within the body. So go ahead and give your body and soul the chance to reconnect. Together, we’ll stay inspired to keep health and wellness at the forefront of this crazy, beautiful journey called life.