Standard Rates

Specialized techniques, stretching, essential oils and application of topical pain cream are all included should you need them.

If you are a new client, I recommend at least the 75 minute session to fully experience a whole body treatment. It really is amazing the difference those extra 15 minutes can make.

60 minutes        $75.00
75 minutes        $90.00
90 minutes        $110.00

*MN Sales Tax not included

A note on gratuity-Some of you may be first time massage clients and while there is always question as to whether to tip or not, the industry says one thing and each therapist feels a different way about the subject. I always appreciate anything given to me above what the standard rate is however it is something that I never expect. Please don’t let that factor into whether you can fit a session into your budget. I would rather be honored by the commitment to your health on your part than by the gain of monetary wealth on mine.

Forms Of Payment

I accept cash, checks from established clients and Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express credit cards.