Healing Sole Massage is here to help facilitate your path to health and vitality. Whether you call it Qi(chi), energy, alignment of the chakras or just an internal recognition of health, you know what feels right. When elements in our life become unbalanced, our bodies give off signals intended to alert us. If you are experiencing imbalance due to physical pain and limitation or mental/emotional/energetic blockages, bodywork can play an integral part in reacquainting you with that wonderful place of wellness. If you are fortunate to have a good health routine in place, I would be honored to assist you in maintaining that special place. Join me at Healing Sole Massage to discuss and create a plan of action to bring balance and harmony one step at a time.

As I have trained in a variety of techniques, I am able to tailor the session to meet your body’s specific needs. Finding great effectiveness within all styles, the typical session embraces several elements taken from each modality. Through the deep compressive pressure of Ashiatsu, the assisted stretching of Thai Yoga bodywork, the focused attention of Trigger Point Therapy and the slow rhythmic relaxation of Swedish style massage, we guide the body back into alignment.


This form of body work is an adaptation of several different forms of ancient barefoot techniques where therapist uses their feet to administer a very deep and effective treatment while still being extremely relaxing. Gliding strokes, muscle compression and facial stretching are delivered by the assistance of parallel bars secured over the table. The pressure is always modified for your comfort although you’ll be surprised just how much your body can handle due to the application with the broad surface of the foot. More work done in less time equals benefits for all.

Table Thai

This form of Thai Yoga Massage is adapted to be used on the table. Stretching is something most everyone needs more of and yet it typically falls to the side lines. With this technique we bring the power of Thai bodywork to the center field. Thai massage works wonders for stretching and elongating soft body tissue. Whether you are an active athlete or work at a desk most of the day, this technique is sure to bring increased flexibility, range of motion and performance. After receiving my first Thai bodywork experience, all I could think about was how “open” my whole body felt and how energized I was. After that, I knew I had to share this experience with my clients.

Deep Tissue / Trigger Point

When soft tissue (muscles, tenders, ligaments, fascia) becomes tight and restricted – you know it. It’s that awful ache in your lower back, that nagging pain between shoulder blades or your pesky IT band that relentlessly aggravates your body and mind. Deep Tissue and Trigger Point are site specific techniques designed to seek out those annoying areas and relieve pains and uncomfortable sensations by employing deep penetrating compression, friction and static pressure. This technique is great for reducing scar tissue after injury or surgery and breaking up adhesions or “knots” which typically form due to repetitive stress, overuse, or improper body mechanics. You don’t have to live in discomfort. Together we’ll confront those neighborhood bullies and run them right out of town.

Relaxation / Swedish

Long, fluid and rhythmic strokes soothe your mind and ease the everyday stresses we are all to often carrying with us. Benefits include reduced blood pressure, improved circulation, relaxed sore muscles and general sense of wellbeing. The simple act of receiving healthy and safe touch from another person has in its own right, benefits that are very powerful and sometimes unexplainable. Healthy touch should always leave you in a better place – even if just for that moment.