Self-Care Tools

Self-Care Tools

Roleo – Anyone who works extensively with their hands i.e. Massage Therapists, Chefs, Musicians, Gardeners, Manual Laborers and those working on keyboards.

Rumble Roller – This takes the standard foam roller to a whole new level. The entire roller is covered with “nubs” that really get in there. Great for runners and cyclists.

Back Knobber – Perfect for that spot that no matter what, you can never seem to get. This tool allows you to apply very site-specific deep pressure with very minimal effort.

Arnica – An herb valued for its pain relieving properties as well as its ability to aid in the tissue repair process which is more important than just rubbing in a cream to mask what’s actually going on. If you are new to it’s use, start by treating a bruise. You’ll be amazed at the speed in which it disappears.

Epsom Salts – Add these to your health maintenance routine and you’ll be so happy you did. These are a great way to bring some of the healing properties of the ocean to your bathtub. Magnesium Sulfate is well known for its ability to be absorbed by the skin. It is said that 80% of Americans are deficient in this very important mineral. From relieving stress and soothing nerves to easing aches/pains and aiding many body processes, I highly recommend the use of this product.

Coconut Oil – I could go on and on about coconuts, so I’ll let you do a little research. Just know that you can cook with it, use it as an all over body moisturizer, feed it to your pets and use it to actually lose body fat. And that’s just the beginning. Go check it out! Whatever you do, stay away from the “refined’ version. It will do more harm than good.